Simple industrial neighborhood destination covered in brick with live edge wood tables. Welcome to the Ballard Station. The Ballard Station has been created to welcome those Ballard-ites into the wonderful community that is Ballard. In 1889, the tracks of the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railroad, now Burlington Northern, ran to the south side of Salmon Bay ending at the footbridge across the bay.

The manager of the railroad line, aware of Ballard’s leadership in the Gilman Park development, referred to the stop as “The Ballard Junction” (The Ballard Station). The car would stop at the end of the line on the south side of Salmon Bay and the conductor would call out: “Ballard Station! All out for the Ballard Junction!” And passengers would tumble out and make their way across the creaking bridge to one of the many saloons or bars before heading to their homes in the woods on Salmon Bay.

Make Ballard Station your neighborhood destination.

  • 16 total beer & cider taps (4 nitro)
  • Bottles & cans of imported beer & cider
  • Wine by the glass and bottle
  • Seasonal signature cocktails
  • Full spirits selection